Thursday, 4 December 2008

Great views on the way to the campsite

Coming from St. Cyprien sur Dourdou you will have the pleasure of these views...

You can stop on the way up and walk just a few meters out to
the cross.

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Some of the ViaFerratas are not far from the campsite. Stunning views and good fun! Both are near rock climbing areas.

There is a lot of air below you on this ViaFerrata!
And the vultures circling above you....

Monday, 1 December 2008

Our neighbours - The asian buffalos

Strange noises are coming from the field next to the campsite.....
our neighbours the buffalos making some weird sounds.

They do love to lie in their pond when it gets really hot. It makes you feel that you
are in Africa....or more likely Asia, as they are asian buffalos.

Juggling session

Christine's sister Annette and Rob are juggling with our friends
Vero and Alain from Lunel.

A different type of volley ball....